Cultural building

Jingsiyuan Garden is located in Wujiang District of Suzhou City, and it is near the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal to the west, and adjacent to the millennial ancient town-Tongli Town away from its 3km to the east. And it was founded in 1993 and opened to the outside world in 2003. And it is planned and designed jointly by the experts of Suzhou garden design institute and Tongji University. The name of the garden is personally inscribed by Mr. Fei Xiaotong, taking its meaning of achieving success with calmness and concentration. And in 2016, Jingsiyuan Garden became the key enterprise subordinate to the tourism sector of China Youth Travel Service.

Since its establishment, the company has always strived for pursuit on the way of building excellent south Chinese garden and popularizing Chinese garden culture undertakings. Under the guidance of CYTS shareholders, the company will give play to its shareholder's advantage, innovate brand and integrate the traditional with the modern, so as to inject fresh blood into the culture of Suzhou garden and to build Jingsiyuan Garden into the model of Suzhou garden.

Since September 12, 2003, the company has achieved fast development, and the company receives domestic and overseas tourists to obtain economic income via tourist trade. And furthermore, the company obtains great improvement in popularity and reputation. Jingsiyuan Garden awards the "AAAA national tourist attraction", "national cultural industry demonstration base", "China famous brand" and other national laurels accordingly.