Ticket service
Ticketing information

1、A tourist shall enter the scenic spot by submitting his/her ticket. One ticket for one person. The ticket is valid on that very day only and will become invalid the next day.
2、A tourist meeting preferential conditions shall handle formalities of ticket buying or free admission by submitting his/her valid certificates.
3、The tourist should keep his/her ticket properly for inspection by working personnel of the spot.
4、In all cases in which the certificate age is to be inspected, an actual full-year age is required. It should be precisely calculated from the date of birth to that very day.
5、The preferential policies will not be used in conjunction with each other.
6、After a ticket to the scenic spot is sold, it will not be returned. Thank you for your cooperation.

Preferential policies 1、The following groups can be granted with free admission:

1) A tourist having a disabled certificate. (by the disabled certificate).
2) A serviceman in China’s army or armed police forces.
3) Holding the latest version of press pass issued by General Administration of Press and Publication or State Administration of Radio Film and Television.
4) National tourist certificate or (general) manager certificate of a travel agency.
5) A driver for tourist groups (A1 driving license).
6) A child of 1.4 m (including) & 6 years old (including).
7) Model Worker Sightseeing Card issued by Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions.

2、The following groups can enjoy preferential tickets to the scenic spot of Meditation Garden:

A minor of 6 years old (not including) - 18 years old (including), a student of full-time undergraduate college or with lower degrees can buy a ticket with half price.