Inscription Rubbing Gallery of Past Scientists

Inscription Rubbing Gallery is one of the great landscape in the Jingsiyuan Garden, and its full name is “Inscription Rubbing Gallery of Past Scientists”. With full length of 318m, there are 74 pieces of stone tablets, 65 of them are the stone sculptures of past scientists to show their extraordinary achievements via the form of inscription rubbing gallery. The tablet inscription is in Han Li character and additionally, each tablet is provided with figures, the time span of the whole inscription rubbing gallery is more than 2000 years from Warring States period to Qing dynasty. China is a world-famous ancient country, besides the four great inventions, we have scientific achievements in various aspects of astronomy, geography, medical science, mathematics, etc. Engraved inscription extols their virtues and meritorious deeds on the stone. Inscription rubbing gallery not only inherits the great achievements of scientists for 2000 years in our country, but also symbolizes the scientific and surpassing spirit. Science is the stair of our human’s progress and also is the foundation of human civilization, the Inscription Rubbing Gallery of Past Scientists inherits and integrates humanity, history and science.