Jiahui Hall

“Jiahui Hall” is the place for receiving visitors and discussing official business, which means the “elegant hall full of guests and friends.”The whole hall is obtained via the overall removal from Suzhou, and originally, it is the building during the reign of Emperor Qianlong and mainly made of “golden cypress tree”, so, it is called “Golden Cypress Hall”. The whole hall is elegant and poised. There are splendid rosewood furnishings, Chinese torreya-carved covers of “plum, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo”, Catalpa-carved beam waist “The Twenty-four Filial Exemplars” as well as the panoptic windows engraved with the patterns of bellyband “Zhao Kuangyin”, “Generals of the Yang Family”, “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and other historical stories, which fully expresses the personality quality and traditional moral & ethical thinking of the master. The “Jiahui Hall” on the horizontal inscribed board of the hall is written by Mr. Li Duo, the vice chairman of Chinese Calligraphers Association, and furthermore, there are the couplets that “the sages have impressive appearance and tackle complicated problems in a very easy manner with calm attitude in case of suffering major event both in ancient and modern times” on the pillars of both sides, and the couplets are written by Weng Tonghe, the teacher of emperor Guangxu in Qing dynasty.