Tianxiang Book House

The original name of the “Tianxiang Bookstore” is “Nanmu Hall”, belonging to Ming dynasty building, and previously, it is always located in Houbu Village, Xishan Mountain of Lake Taihu, and owned by a Yin’s wealthy & influential family. As Ming dynasty building is low and concise, it is lifted especially during landscape gardening and changed into the “round ridge roof”-style four-sided hall. There is a deep-purple “Wukang Stone” in Song dynasty at the doorway of hall, the stone originates in Wukang county of Zhejiang province, therefore, it is easy to see the antiquity and civilization of “Houbu Village”, and the village has been listed into the “protection catalogue of historic villages” in Lake Taihu area. The building has a western exposure, is facing west and the side door of “Jingyuan Hall”, echoing with the Moon Gate of the “Jiehong Pavilion” to the west to form overlapped scenery and gardens. The book house is furnished with Ming-style tables and chairs, especially the two non-painted Nanmu girders are very rare.