Xiaopangshan Hill (Kuaifeng Pavilion)

It is recorded in some books that Pangshan Lake is the natural beauty of lakes and mountains originally and it dates back to Yuan dynasty at the earliest. Pangshan Lake gets its name due to the Pangshan village on the shore of the lake and the name has been used to this day, and now, it is divided into south Pangshan village and east Pangshan village. It is recorded in the Notes of Wujiang in last years of Ming dynasty that “it is Lake Taihu flowing out from the west of upstream Pangshan Lake and it is the canal out from Ganquan Bridge. And it pours into the sea after flowing out of Baixiandianshan Lake from Jishuigang Harbor in the downstream.”There are Kuaifeng Pavilion, Gu Gong Temple, Xinyin Temple, Ren Zhongzhen’s Former Residence, historical site Tomb of Taolangxian, etc. on the shore of the lake originally. Duting Yuan dynasty, Ning Yu wrote an extempore poem of Travelling Xinyin Temple with Pang Fuyi. During Ming and Qing dynasties, the place is full of lively and rich scenes, and lots of men of literature write and sing poems or to draw here, which makes them being too delighted to leave. And because of enclosing tideland for cultivation in successive dynasties, nowadays, it becomes garden.