Qingyun Peak

“Qingyun Peak” is the treasure of the Jingsiyuan Garden. Its height is 9.1m, width is 2.95m, thickness is 2.24m and weight is 136t. More than 1600 openings & holes are gently connected on the surface of the stone, and there are 168 bridging holes in the stone, and these openings & holes are connected with each other. In 2001, it made a Guinness world record in the Shanghai Big World Lingbi Stone. The stone is originally obtained from the Song-dynasty marble class pit in Lingbi county and it has about five hundred million years, and it is the product of the marine sedimentary environment during cambrian period and produced from Lingbi county of Anhui province. It is recorded that the stone was extracted by the emperor Qianlong-the emperor Huizong of Song dynasty, while it failed due to its huge body. The garden builder went to Lingbi county for 8 times to explore, find and investigate the stone in those years, and finally, three years later, the stone was excavated and removed to the earth’s surface. Since then, such piece of “fancy stone” covered with dust for a thousand years has been brought into light again. Because there was lack of road and bridge, in order to transport the stone to Jingsiyuan Garden, two bridges and 5km road were built on the way, and 25m-length military platform truck was used. It takes 55 days and nights just during the transportation period. Maybe, many friends want to ask “how to stand it? In order to stand the “Qingyun Peak”, two sets of 150t cranes were “invited” from Shanghai especially on an auspicious day in those years. “Qingyun Peak” Smoke Stone Commemoration will be held in some annual festival activities (anniversary celebration and grand tourism festival), namely, a bundle of joss sticks is burnt at the bottom of the stone to bring the spectacular view of generating smoke from hundreds of holes, you can imagine the situation, if there are many water flows on the top of the stone, maybe you can see the extraordinary sight of misty landscape pictures. The back side of the “Qingyun Peak” is very flat, and it looks like a white sail in the Lake Taihu, symbolizing smooth sailing.