Pangshan Thatched Cottage

The “Pangshan Thatched Cottage” is built by the landscape gardener for his mother. The gardener’s mother is famous for deep mourning of etiquette and she is called the “Daughter of Pangshan” by neighbors. In order to express a feeling of great reverence for mother, the tea house is built by the landscape gardener to let her taste tea and appreciate scenery while visiting garden at leisure. The name of hall is refined from the ancient poetry, namely, “mother makes clothes for son with needles and threads. Tight stitching before leaving avoids the broken clothes of son. The weak filial sentiment of children cannot pay back the love of mother just like the light of spring.” And the poem eulogizes the deep love between mother and daughter. Facing to the hill, the “Xiaopangshan Hill” is stacked by more than 3000t of Taihu stones. Kuaifeng Pavilion is built in the mountain and there is a legend that the “Kuaifeng Pavilion” is the only way which must be passed by the merchants and gifted scholars coming and going “Pangshan Lake”, because there is a “Xinyin Temple” near the pavilion for the passers-by to draw lots, make vows, burn incense and pray here. It is said that it is highly efficacious. At the foot of the hill, reeds ripple on the lake and fishes jump for joy to break the quiet of river water. Standing on the Kuaifeng Pavilion, the scenery of the whole garden can be viewed: here, you can listen the melody of pattering ceaselessly on the banana leaves by raindrops in late spring, feel the joy of jumping over the dragon gate by carps side of the reeds in early summer, quietly thinking the landscape of lakes and hills of “three pools mirroring the moon” in the night of Mid-Autumn Day, and appreciating three-dimensional image covered with snow in the depth of winter. Time is like a song and four seasons are luxuriantly green, whenever you visit Jingsiyuan Garden in any season, you can harvest the most beautiful gifts of the nature.