Wushishan Building

The Wushishan Building is a pseudo-classic architecture with large volume, it is divided into two layers, the former one is conference hall and lower part is stone pavilion, and the whole building is the north portion of the Jiangnan Zouma Tower. The reason why it is named “Wushishan Building” is because famous stones are collected as a hill, carefully selected and displayed in the room for many years after innumerable hardships. More than 100 pieces of competitive stones are displayed in the stone pavilion, including Lingbi stone, macrofossil, woodstone, Hua’an jade, Taihu stone, ebb tide stone, water-flushing stone, stalactite and the like. Of which, most of the Lingbi stones have been already collected. Lingbi stone belongs to the metamorphic rock of jade and originates in Lingbi county of Anhui province, and it was formed in 8 hundred million years ago. It is ranking first in the famous four stones in China and has the good reputation of “Lingbi stone is the wonder of the world, sounds like bronze and looks like jade”.