Baishi Pavilion

Baishi Pavilion was originally located in the Dan Fung Street, Renmin Road, Shanghai Old City Area and was built in the Dao-guang period of Qing dynasty. It is the place of “Xiaodaohui Association” activity originally, and afterwards, it is protected to Jingsiyuan Garden via overall protection. The inscription of “Baishi Pavilion” on the horizontal inscribed board of the pavilion is written by Cheng Shifa, the dean of the original Shanghai Painting and Calligraphy Academy. The hall is furnished with rosewood furniture, “stone chime” and “machete chime stone” made of Lingbi stones, and furthermore, the “machete chime stone” is called “eight-tone chime stone” to praise the Buddhist nature of Lingbi stone. Therefore, Lingbi stone has been used to make musical instruments during Han and Tang dynasties and it is the very important royal musical instrument.