Carved-brick Gate Tower (entrance)

The gate tower is obtained via its integral removal for protection from Hengjing of Suzhou city. The three golden characters of “Jingsiyuan Garden” are named by the sociologist, Mr. Fei Xiaotong and personally written by Mr. Chen Jingen, the builder of the garden. It takes the meaning of “still remembering learning knowledge when you are rich and achieving success with calmness and concentration”. There are ancient Wenzhou-style opera patterns of Romance of the Three Kingdoms on the carved bricks of the gate tower: namely, the upper row shows the moving story that Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei endured a hard journey to meet in the ancient city, people are touched by such kind of thick brotherhood surpassing family affection without blood relationship. And the lower row shows the Empty Fort Strategy, namely, Zhuge Liang defeated Sima Yi with this strategy. Right one shows the well-known story of Three Visits to the Cottage, namely, accompanied by two brothers, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, honesty Liu Bei invited Kong Ming to become an official for three times regardless of wind and snow, and finally, where there is a will there is a way, they achieved success. And the left row shows the patterns of five bold and powerful senior generals, with loyal Guan Yu, brave Zhang Fei, devoted Zhao Ziyun, clever Ma Chao and strategic Huang Zhong, they work with collective wisdom and concerted efforts to jointly defend Liu’s world. The pattern of brick carving is exquisite, elegant and grand.