Happiness & Longevity Hall

It is also called Sedan Chair Hall. It is the place for stopping sedan chair, preparing tea, greeting and seeing off guests. The Ming-style building is originally located in Banlian Lane, Daoqian Street, Suzhou and its old name is “Happiness and Longevity Hall”. The hall is a Gong-style flower pavilion, the four Nanmu crossbeams are carved with “bat” and “tortuous pattern of Chinese-character Wan”, the crane neck of pavilion is provided with “bowknot”, and the landing square column is equipped with Ming-style base, and the whole hall is concise and elegant. The “self-discipline and social commitment” on the horizontal inscribed board above the hall folding screen is written by Mr. Wan Weng, famous calligrapher of Wumen Calligraphy School. The “cherry tree” and “rosewood”-embedded furnishings are perfect in workmanship and carved exquisitely to be harmony with concise style of Gong-style building.