Mi Fu Worship Stone

The “Mi Fu Worship Stone” in the lake opposite to the Potted Landscape Garden can be called the best position. It looks like that an ancient official dresses in robe, official hat and holds jade tablet to prostrate in worship, it is vivid. Maybe, suddenly, you’ll think it is really like the crazy fan of stone-Mi Fu. The stone echoes with the eastern Qingyun Peak, it looks that the stone worships Qingyun Peak. Mi Fu is a calligrapher & painter of Northern Song Dynasty, called Yuanzhang and awarded the titles of Xiangyang hermit, Haiyuewaishi hermit, etc. He lived Taiyuan, moved to Xiangyang, and then, settled down Zhenjiang. During the period of emperor Huizong in Song dynasty, he took the high rank clerk of the Ministry of Rites and called “Mi Nangong”. Due to “demented” manner, he was called “addict Mi”, and called “four calligraphy masters in Song dynasty” together with Cai Xiang, Su Shi and Huang Tingjian. Mi Fu was obsessed with stones, as long as he saw rare or fantastic rock, he bowed in worship, so, he was called “addict Mi” by people at that time.