Flower Basket Hall

It was built in Jia-jing period of Qing dynasty and it is located in Ganjiang Road of Suzhou city. Its aisle columns are hung in the air and flower baskets are suspended on the columns, so, it is called “Flower Basket Hall”. The top of the Flower Basket Hall shows a structure of cornice and rake angle, with soft tiles, it is just like the gentle and fine character of Jiangnan Watertown’s people. The waist, abdomen and cross beam of the panoptic windows are carved with various styles of auspicious patterns and historical figures stories, the splendid and exquisite artistic carving reveals the wonderful workmanship and skills of the Xiangshan craftsmen. The “Flower Basket Hall” is adjacent to Mirror Lake and forms a winding corridor with the surroundings, and it is connected with other buildings and winded around corridors, extending in all directions and possessing compact structure.