Sunset Pavilion

Standing on the nose, Sunset Pavilion jumps into your sight and it is the wonderful scenery worthy of taking pictures for visitors. “Sunset Pavilion” is called “four wind-blowing pavilion”, deriving from Wang Bo’s poetic illusion, namely, “wild ducks fly with the sunset and the river water seems to be integrated with the sky” (Preface to Tengwang Pavilion). Standing in the pavilion, you can feel the “fresh, pleasant, cool and warm” winds of four seasons and the moon-phase/stars change of “bright or dim, wax or wane”. Through the “poem theme” of scenery, you can enjoy the three-dimensional images of “small bridge, running water and house” at sunset. Pavilion is the “umbrella” of the delighted tourists, when we lean against the railing to have a rest, ramble among curved bridges or taste the scenery of Jingsiyuan Garden, don’t forget to appreciate the sight of pavilion.