Ji Cheng Pavilion

Ji Cheng is called Wu Fou and awarded the title of Pidao hermit. Ji Cheng was born in Tongli of Wujiang city and fond of travelling landscape scenery and garden scenic spots as well as writing poetry and painting, and he settled down Zhenjiang in his middle age and investigated the gardens in various places among Nanjing, Yangzhou and Suzhou. He made landscape gardening for Wu Youyu in Wujin District and built garden residence for Wang Shiheng in Yizheng District, winning good regulations of the people at that time, and during the 4th Emperor Chongzhen period (1631) of Ming dynasty, he wrote his own experience of landscape gardening into three volumes of Art of Gardening. The original name of the works is Pastoral of Gardening and renamed as the Art of Garden by his friend Zheng Yuanxun. The translated name of Art of Gardening is “wonderful workmanship excelling nature”. In the book, it is advocated that there is no fixed format/style for landscape gardening, and furthermore, the landscape gardening elements of site investigation, foundation making, house building, paving, piling of rockeries, stone building and view borrowing are discussed in detail. Art of Gardening has very important study and reference values for our country’s architectural history, landscape history of garden and art history. The landscape gardener has own dream of gardening and studies the book on every leisure occasion to absorb the quintessence and apply into the building of Jingsiyuan Garden. In order to commemorate the artist sparing no efforts in landscape gardening and writing books, therefore, a “Ji Cheng Pavilion” is built in the prominent position near the “inscription rubbing gallery of scientists” especially. And in the pavilion, the portrait of Ji Cheng is engraved in front of the inscription rubbing, and his life story is described on the back side, so as to praise the great achievements of the landscape gardening artist and to make the later generations cherishing the memory of such originator dedicating his life to the struggle of landscape gardening air forever.