Jingyuan Hall

The “Jingyuan Hall” the hall of lodging house and also called main hall. It is used for receiving friends & guests and holding etiquette, and it is the largest and most beautiful building in the whole residence. The three Chinese-characters “Jingyuan Hall” above the hall are inscribed by Mr. Sun Yiqing, director of the State Cultural Relics Bureau, and there is the Notes of Jingsiyuan Garden below the horizontal inscribed board, recording the geographic position of “Jingsiyuan Garden”, birth of garden name, change of “Pangshan Lake”, historical background of garden building, land occupation of garden and introduction of famous scenic spots. The two beams above the hall are the Baofu colored-painting beam and the Baofu patterns are relatively common in south architecture. A pair of “landscape of misty rain” land screen at both sides of the hall folding screen was owned by Hu Shu, the historical cultural celebrity during Dao-guang period of Qing dynasty. Rosewood base is engraved with delicate drawing that dragons play with pearl in the cloud and four pieces of green marble form various “landscapes of misty rain” naturally.