Heting Bridge

Heting Bridge is the three-hole stone arch bridge, there are pavilion corridor, cornice and tower in its upper part. And it is crossing the Mirror Lake and looks magnificent. The pavilion bridge is named by crane to show its profound meanings: on one hand, as a whole, it is soaring and generous, with two layers of cornice, four upturned roof-ridges and cocked eaves, it is just like a wings-spreading bird to fly, and on the other hand, it is named by “Heting” to contain cultural meaning. In our Chinese traditional culture, crane symbolizes surpassing, freedom, purity and longevity, and it is the embodiment of people’s good wish to yearn for peace, happiness and longevity. The Heting Bridge, towering over the Mirror Lake, is the main scenic spot of the Jingsiyuan Garden. The bridge is built by Jinshan stone arches, the bridge terraces rise step by step terrace, the stone pillar of the pavilion bridge separates the scenery in sequences, and bridge handrails are connected and winding with each other along with the curves, if a beauty leans on the eaves of veranda, echoing up and down, which shows more simple and gentle, beautiful and refined.