[sea rafting] meditation garden thinking

[sea rafting] meditation garden thinking


Some people say that the lack of meditation garden of Suzhou garden, delicate euphemism. Yes, Suzhou gardens are traditional, but tradition must be combined with innovation. In the fashionable words, we must keep pace with the times.

Suzhou gardens must have a profound culture, leaving culture behind them. In the meditation garden, steeped in the deep historical culture, lingrenganpei repeatedly.

In the north gate of the meditation garden, a simple and elegant brick carving door building, the middle “Jing thought garden” three broke the golden questions in the nest, the upper paragraph “the midsummer of the Kui”, the following “Chen Jingen of the garden owner, to celebrate the prosperity of the world.” The name of gardens must have its origin, and there are far-reaching ideas and subtle artistic conception. In the Jiagan hall, I asked the name of the park, Mr. Chen, and Mr. Kim Ne said that it was the name of the famous sociologist Fei Xiaotong, and Chen Jingen’s understanding was: rich and thought, to be quiet. It is associated with the most popular building in the garden, “Jingyuan hall”. On the screen, I can not reflect the two language of “indifferent to Ming, quiet and far away”, and the sentences in Zhu Geliang’s book of the back.

In the meditation garden, I am from the halls, pavilions, and pavilions, by the lake and river bridge, by the rockery stone, by the flowers and trees, to feel the artistic conception, taste and taste in the creation of the meditation garden.

Meditation, this garden is far from static, theme. Lenovo to name other meditation garden single building or interesting, or set people thinking. “Pang Shan cottage”, and “Tianxiang house”, said the master’s kind heart. Pang mountain cottage, a considerable amount of four hall, which is built specifically for mother Chen Jingen. In the Ponzi mountain lake in the brook of the ancient town of Tongli, Chen Mu is a well-known woman of filial piety and benevolence in Pang mountain lake, and the neighbours of the country are friendly to call her “Pang Shan woman”, and Chen Jingen has been used to the kindness and kindness of her mother from childhood. There is a kind of family, after Chen Zili, respect for poverty alleviation, fundraising, and have The students surpass the teacher. In order to express his reverence for the eight ten days old mother, he built this Pang mountain hall on the side of the “little Pang mountain lake”, and looked at the couplet of the hall. The mother has his son, and a wife will have her daughter. “Tianxiang Bookhouse”, the garden owner is built for the love daughter, the daughter is natural and beautiful, the father wants her to read and understand. After graduation, she also sends her to go abroad to study, “the fragrance”, that is the national color shrill, the beautiful women’s love daughter, must be the woman of the Shenzhou. The master is a dutiful son, and father. In ancient China, we advocated “self-cultivation, family, rule, and the world”. Chen Jingen made a new world of soil and water in Wujiang from his self-cultivation and family. His glass and steel works, his first private garden in the south of the Yangtze River, were the evidence of the benefit of the party.

Chen Jingen is the son of Pang Shan Lake. He was born in Pang Shan Lake, longer than Pang Shan Lake, rising in Pang Shan Lake, and he wanted to repay Yu Pangshan lake. Pang mountain lake, the original West ininent, fast wind Pavilion and other places of interest, Chen Jingen in the garden set out a “small pang mountain lake”, the tree of fast wind Pavilion, the West ininent born good thoughts, and in the East built a magnificent Buddhist temple. In the west of Pang Shan Lake, there are many famous poems in Hongqiao. The east of Pang Shan Lake is the famous historical and cultural town of Tongli. In the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, in addition to a garden maker, loved to travel through famous mountains and rivers, to be good at poetry and painting, to be good at stacking and water diversion, to build gardens, and to write his own garden for four years (1631). The style of building history, the history of garden and the history of art. Think of the year, full of full belly, only for people to marry, now Chen Jingen bow to the occasion, the dream of garden creation turned into reality, the more he carefully read “gardening”, the more emotional, in order to commemorate the founder of this garden theory, in the meditation garden to make a Pavilion. In the pavilion, the stele of the stele and the front face of the stele have a planned portrait. The life of Ji Cheng is engraved on the back. This is the great achievement of the gardening artist. The building of Yongquan building is the South Building of Jiangnan zarma building. When digging the foundation, it is a tricky spring. It is said that Pang Shan Lake has a sweet spring since ancient times, but sweet and sweet, but later people do not know where the spring is. Now it is a fate to reopen the meditation garden. Therefore, the name of the building is “Yongquan building”, and a white marble “Jinshui bridge” is built on the top of the spring, so that more people can enjoy this clear fountain. However, I asked Mr. Chen Jingen, he said there is a heavy meaning, dripping grace, when yongquan. At present, his family industry, of course, has his own hard struggle, but more is the benefit of the policy of reform and opening to the outside world, the support of the local people, so it is decided to return the motherland and return the society!

The old gardens in the south of the Yangtze River are all private. They don’t need too much weight to accept their hosts and friends, plus a group of literati. Chen Jingen intended to return to the community, a move which is to meet the world guests daily meditation garden. Look, the crane pavilion bridge, the towering crane pavilion bridge, a Soviet style bridge, no matter the size and size of the Suzhou gardens are unprecedented, the crane pavilion bridge is both the classical Suzhou bridge, and added to the eaves of the building form, a high two low like the wing flying crane, rich in Royal style. In this regard, some people say that the lack of meditation garden of Suzhou garden, delicate euphemism. Yes, Sue.