Find meditation garden twenty-four – the winter solstice solar term papers

Find meditation garden twenty-four – the winter solstice solar term papers


The cathode to the Yang beginning students, on the south, short to long to fall.” December 21, 2016 is the winter solstice, and it is the twenty-second solar terms in the twenty-four solar terms. The winter solstice, also known as “one Yang Sheng”, is an important festival in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is also a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. The winter solstice is commonly known as “winter festival”, “long to the festival”, “sub year” and so on.

The origin of throttle

The winter solstice is the earliest one in the 24 throttle. As early as 3000 years ago, Zhou Gong began to use the Tu GUI method to measure the shadow. The purpose of the “Tu GUI view” is to find out “the earth” (the center of China). The main meaning of this method is “the table of eight feet of tree, summer solstice day, five inches of view length, three feet five inches long in the winter solstice day” (that is to stand up to 8 feet by 8 feet, to observe in summer solstice, the shadow of noon is 1.5 feet, the shadow of the noon on the winter solstice is 13.5 feet), “the depth of the earth, the shadow, the ground, four”. In this way, the theoretical location of “Luoyang” and “Luoyi” in the soil is measured. And it was a political significance in the soil at that time, but it became one of the festivals that influenced thousands of years later.

Meditation garden “winter solstice”

Jingsi Garden – Lu Xiang Ge lion head

Jingsi Garden – Austria goose

Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish

Jingsi Garden – Lu Xiang court Qingyun Office

Four aspects of winter solstice need to be paid attention to

First, living and living

In daily life, should go to bed early evening, waiting for the sun to go out. At the same time, we should wear more clothes to avoid unnecessary outdoor activities and prevent excessive consumption of Yang.

Two. Dietary supplement

The winter solstice day can not eat too much spicy food, spicy food can only be born Yang fire, resulting in heat accumulation, heat up. Eat mutton, dog meat Feiganhouwei, easily lead to eating, poly sputum. While supplying hot food, the north also has to eat some foods that replenish body fluid, such as water chestnuts, lotus roots, pears, radishes, cabbage and so on.

Three. Mental outlook

The winter solstice health pay attention to “winter”, the focus of yangxin. The arrival of this solar term is Yang Qi lurking, Yin Qi is extremely vigorous, all things activities tend to stop, hibernate state, rejuvenation, to prepare for spring life. As the winter when the world gas closed, blood gas hidden, people can not work as sweating, vent yang.” Therefore, go to bed early evening, sunrise, to ensure adequate sleep, is conducive to the accumulation of Yin Yang hidden. You can’t be sweaty.

Four. Daily health care

The winter solstice is the natural transformation of Yin Yang and two Qi. During the Yin Yang transition, moxibustion at the point of Shen que is the best time to stimulate the rising of body Yang.