The “may one” series celebrating the series of activities

The “may one” series celebrating the series of activities


On the “May 1” series of activities

1. Activity background

In order to enrich the tourist products of the scenic area, in the coming May holiday, in accordance with the actual situation of the scenic area, according to the principle of “small activities, big culture”, a series of small activities are planned to stimulate the tourist attraction of the scenic area and create the atmosphere of the may one activity. The following content is the content arrangement of this event:

Two, type of activity

A, 51 activities: ticket discount activities.

1. Activity time

2016.4.30-2016.5.2 for 3 days

2. The place of activity

Wujiang Jingsi garden scenic spot

3. The purpose of the activity

Online and offline, with preferential and controllable ticket prices, we will increase the volume of traffic during the May 1 Golden Week and attract more tourists to the meditation park.

4. Activity content

(1) online preferential activities:

In the same way, there are two forms of 19.9 yuan / person discount tickets and combined scenery + landscape coupons.

The US group and the public comment on 60 yuan / person plus exquisite gift /1 copies.

(2) offline promotions (for individual customers and self driving group):

Less than 5 people, less than 5 people, according to the listing price 70 yuan / person charges.

More than 5 people and less than 10 people, including 5 and less than 10 people for collective purchase of tickets at the price of 30 percent off (1.4 meters below the 1.4 meters for children, 1.4 meters above the rate of children at the same discount price);

More than 10 passengers and self driving groups give 40 percent off discount according to the listing price.

Other benefits: “tickets + tea” ticket discount, giving 75 yuan / person / cup preferential price (listing ticket 70 yuan / person + tea 30 yuan / cup, the total value is 100 yuan / person). Tea with tea vouchers,

L tour group operates according to the normal agreement price or special agreement.

B, 51 activities two: cultural performance.

1. Activity time

2016.4.30-2016.5.2 for 3 days

(1) Tai Chi Cultural Performance: 10:00 every day;

(2) square dance / classical dance: daily 10:00-11:00 am, 13:00-15:00 PM.

(3) Yoga and belly dance performance: 1:00 PM (5.1-5..2 for two days).

2. The place of activity

(1) the Tai Chi Cultural Performance: Meditation garden Hongya hall square;

(2) square dance / classical dance meditation Garden: Hongya Hall Square / ancient stage.

3. The purpose of the activity

Through the cultural performances such as Tai Chi and dance, we can add interest to the garden, create a festival atmosphere and improve the popularity and reputation of the meditation garden.

4. Activity content

Tai Chi Cultural Performance and dance performance.

C, 51 activities three: WeChat collection campaign.

1. Activity time

2016.4.30-2016.5.2 for 3 days

2. The place of activity

Wujiang Jingsi garden scenic area

3. The purpose of the activity

Zan is a collection of activities. Set like activity diffusion events through WeChat, meditate garden all-round promotion and accumulation of popularity. Stimulate the curiosity of netizens, so as to promote the popularity of “Jing Si garden” with the help of WeChat public platform, so that more people can understand the “Jing Si garden” scenic spot and attract more tourists.

4. Activity content

(1) the way of participation

Participants will send shooting photos of the meditation garden in the circle of friends, and meet the following requirements:

Must be in the meditation garden day shooting photos, send the number of at least 3;

The text should be referred to the “meditation garden” three words;

The location positioning for meditation garden;

18/38/68 likes, with tickets to the retreat park visitor center exchange the corresponding prize.

(2) activity Awards

First, set 68 likes to send 1 copies of the album retreat Park [4/30-5/2 20] daily limit;

The two prize is the collection of 38 Zai, 1 pieces of accessories for static garden, 2 key cars and 1 ashtray. [4/30-5/2 is 50 before the daily limit.

Third-prize, set 18 likes to send a postcard 1 meditation Garden [4/30-5/2 100] daily limit;

The special prize will be selected after the May 1 activities. 5 characteristic landscape photos will be selected. A Book of Jing Shi Yuan Stone album, a Book of quiet meditation, a Book of appreciation, and 1 sets of postcards of Jing Si garden will be presented.

(3) the description of the award


All the users who have set up the specified amount must pay attention to the official WeChat platform of “Jing thought garden”, and send the collection to the official WeChat to receive the award by the ticket.

Award address

Retreat Park Visitor Center (East parking lot).

Special Award

The special award will select 5 participants after the end of the event and publish them on the official WeChat platform. The selected users send their names, telephone and address to our official WeChat platform. We will send the gifts by post.