Jingsi Garden Fashion Beauty freehand bride

Jingsi Garden Fashion Beauty freehand bride


In the meditation garden with a new architectural concept, the familiar classical garden architecture has a new content, trying to break the traditional traditional form of wedding photography, combining the Chinese classical elements in the modeling and shooting of innovation, showing a completely different effect.
The three sets of clothing are simple atmosphere, gentle classical style, the serenity of white yarn and the elegance of the garden complement each other. In the early spring of March, there was no need for a strong make-up, only to decorate some natural and fresh make-up that was not plain and beautiful, and the headwear was also simple, and the collocation of the 32 peach blossoms had highlighted Jiang Nanwen. The classical temperament, but also echoed the bride the overall distribution of the eastern United states.

Smoke gray wedding dress is also very beautiful, giving people a misty sense of illusion, collocation with classical hair ornaments, in the bride’s inadvertently to give people a illusion of walking out of the Chinese painting, mysterious and empty.
In the garden of one step and one scene in the garden of meditation, any pavilions, Maolin and bamboos are the inspiration for film shooting. The blue fishtail dress and the peacock design with the stylist are more classical. The bride is in it. The photographer picks up the camera and combines the natural light, like creating a Jiangnan garden wind. A stereoscopic picture of a lattice.

It is a breakthrough in the style of the traditional wedding dress in the meditation garden. The creation of the wedding decoration in the garden is a new attempt to decorate the outdoor wedding. Classical wooden chairs, folding fans, all kinds of flower designs, and very creative candy, all explain the unique flavor of Chinese classical culture from details.

With the new people’s continuous pursuit of personalized wedding, the form of wedding is also rich, some people choose to hold various types of wedding in the hotel, some people choose to travel marriage or overseas destination wedding, while outdoor wedding is also popular. The choice of the outdoor wedding site is very critical, and those who pursue new ideas and love Chinese culture can try more and more in this respect, such as garden wedding, and the wedding day let relatives and friends feel the beauty of the Chinese garden culture in the south of the Yangtze River.