Rare stone appreciation
Rare stone

Meditation Garden is the Garden of Eden for cultures and arts. It is also an exposition park with a collection of rare stones. There are more than 3000 rare stones in the garden, covering all categories of famous stones. These rare stones are like nature itself. Being carved and baptized by nature, they have formed unique shapes, bright colors, subtle textures and graceful patterns. Every stone is flawless with extremely high values of ornamentation and collection. Every stone in Meditation Garden is grotesque and jagged. Some have twists and turns on the surface; some are stereoscopic and variegated in the skin; some are exquisite and porous in the body and interconnected from all sides; some have natural layouts with clear ways to follow and variations inside; some are in different shapes, true to life and imply good meanings.

World rare stone expo. Many rare stones in Meditation Garden have won international and domestic awards successively and were displayed in Shanghai World Expo. Qingyun Peak, as the most precious treasure of the garden, set a Guinness World Record about Lingbi stones.