Books, calligraphy and paintings

Meditation Garden sees it as its task to inherit cultures. Many great works have been published successively so that more people can perceive cultures in books, find strength and enjoy edification and calmness. Let me just give you some examples: Stone Classics, which interprets stone cultures; Statue and Inscription Creation of Ancient Scientists of Meditation Garden, which inherits China’s conventional cultures and sciences; Vicissitudes of Ancient Bridges in Meditation Garden, which interprets cultures about Ancient Bridges; Appreciation of Meditation Garden, which summarizes wisdoms about Meditation Garden; Historical Narrative about Shide Hall, which gives a historical account of Shide Hall.

Learn as much as you can and travel as long as you can. Book series produced and published by Meditation Garden are written with a sincere heart to introduce and inherit cultural histories associated with Meditation Garden. They have influenced more and more people and have become an important window and spiritual food for more people to understand historical cultures associated with Meditation Garden.

Books about Meditation Garden are on sale in all stores in the scenic spot. They are the best products for you to understand cultures of Meditation Garden or serve as collections or gifts.

Calligraphies and paintings

Culture is the soul of tourism. It is even more so for the scenic spot of Meditation Garden. Everywhere in Meditation Garden, you can see calligraphies and paintings of extremely high grades, revealing the extensive and profound beauty of Chinese cultures. Each famous calligraphy and painting in Meditation Garden imparts gardening culture, water culture, Buddhist culture and tea culture of the scenic spot. Splash-ink paintings about mountains and waters, brief strokes about figures, poems, calligraphies and paintings make Meditation Garden “reveal meditation in quietness and reveal quietness in meditation”. Therefore, Meditation Garden is not only a holy land for sightseeing, leisure and tourist vacationing but also a paradise for cultural exchange and soul purification.

Each calligraphy and painting item in Meditation Garden is a unity of form and spirit with uninterrupted strokes, powerful muscles and bones, combined with emotion and rhythm and filled with elegance and meditation conceptions. The landscape is like a calligraphy or painting item. The calligraphies and painting items harbor landscapes.